About Us

Taking the cellulose fibers locked inside materials headed for landfills, and allowing them to be repurposed in new products — that's the essence of our business.

We are a leading producer of specialty cellulose fiber products for use in industrial applications, providing thickening, rheology and flow control, high fluid absorption capacity, drain-down resistance, green strength, reinforcing properties, and acting as lightweight functional fillers. Since 1986, sustainability has been a primary focus of Central Fiber® brand cellulose long before it became the standard it is today.

Of course, so is customer service. This commitment is behind our unique systems for short lead-time delivery of our products — systems that let customers maintain lower inventory levels. And it's the reason we've earned a reputation for being flexible and responsive. Our unique size – small enough to act quickly, large enough to tackle almost any job – lets us stay that way.

With our new, updated facilities featuring state-of-the-art machinery, along with our ability to provide customized formulations to meet specific conditions, JRS USA is ready to serve you. Our goal is to become, and remain, your top choice.

Product, Technical, and Applications Expertise

J. Rettenmaier USA is proud to be a leader in cellulose fiber technology. Since the company was founded, JRS USA has been developing cellulose fibers for new applications and emerging market needs, as well as improving and upgrading cellulose fibers to meet more rigorous industry standards and changing market demands.

JRS USA has state of the art research and development capabilities for new technology and applications support. Our customers benefit from the technical expertise and applications know-how brought by our staff including experienced advanced-degreed chemists and engineers. They're continuously seeking new ways for cellulose fibers to deliver highly functional performance benefits that enable customers to use fibers in new inventive ways.

Our technical experts are available to help you enjoy the benefits of cellulose fibers from selecting the right fiber and using it most effectively to assisting with specific applications questions.

You may contact JRS USA customer service at 269.679.2340 or 877.895.4099.

Recycled Paper used for cellulose fiber products

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