Central Fiber® Brand Products

  • Industrial Cellulose Fibers

    Central Fiber® brand cellulose fibers provide very cost-effective thickening, high fluid absorption capacity, drain-down resistance, green strength, reinforcing properties, and rheology and flow control. They also act as lightweight fillers.

  • Our cellulose fiber forms an intricate 3-dimensional microfiber structure which affords cellulose its extremely high strength and low density performance characteristics.

  • Central Fiber® brand industrial cellulose fibers are extremely multi-functional, contributing many essential performance properties that would otherwise require several additives to accomplish, thereby adding unnecessary cost and complexity. You may not see them, but cellulose fibers are used in asphalt pavement and roof coatings, fireproof and sound dampening products, drilling fluids, and adhesives and sealants.


    • Anti-settling properties
    • Flow control
    • Green strength
    • Highly efficient thickening of aqueous and non-aqueous fluids
    • Insulating properties
    • Minimize drain-down
    • Minimize shrinkage
    • Oil absorption
    • Reinforcing properties
    • Sag control
    • Sound dampening
    • Stabilizer
    • Surface tension modifier
    • Surface texturing
    • Suspension of solids

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  • Lost Circulation Materials

    JRS USA provides engineered and customizable Lost Circulation Materials (LCM's) to meet specific performance or packaging requirements. LCM's help to eliminate non-productive time by controlling and preventing drilling losses, saving our customers time and money. Made from recovered newspaper and magazines, our LCM's are a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for prevention and remediation in the drilling industry today.

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  • Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

    JRS USA is a leading industry supplier of solutions for important jobs at the beginning, during, and after drilling. Turn to us for high quality cellulose fiber based technologies, sourced from recovered paper, for a variety of applications in the Oil and Gas Industry.

    Rely on Central Fiber® for highly consistent quality, outstanding customer service, and quick turnaround on orders.

    Central Fiber® Offers:

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